Congratulations on the publication of DON’T YOU DARE by Jessica Hamilton publishing today with Crooked Lane Books!

When Hannah and Scarlett meet Thomas in college—the chemistry is instantaneous. They grow closer while playing the Daring Game, where each dare is riskier than the last. As the trio grows closer and jealousy develops, Scarlett dares Thomas one final time—a dare that ends in tragedy. When Thomas gets expelled from school and leaves without a trace, it seems like the Daring Game has finally ended.

Sixteen years later, Hannah is unhappy in marriage and in life. That is, of course, until she gets a mysterious email about the Daring Game from none other than Thomas himself. With Scarlett out of the picture, the sparks begin to fly between them once more. When Hannah and Thomas are called back to the place where they first played the game, they are welcomed by a single dare—“to tell the truth.”

Someone else is playing the game and knows about their affair, going as far as leaving a cryptic message in Hannah’s house: Don’t You Dare. Hannah’s list of suspects is long: Could it be her noisy neighbor, Libby, who has a few secrets of her own? Or did her husband plan this as revenge for the torrid affair? Is Scarlett back and ready to play again?

The truth may set Hannah free—but only if she dares to risk everything she knows and loves.

Praise for DON’T YOU DARE:

“Gripping, racy, and bone chilling, Don’t You Dare is a beautifully written domestic suspense with a brilliant balance of emotion and fear. Jessica Hamilton has created a raw, heart shattering, tense story of lust and revenge in a game that spins out of control. The build-up kept me on tenterhooks and the climax left me reeling. This is a stupendous, sinister book you won’t want to miss!” —Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today and #1 national bestselling author of Woman On The Edge and Watch Out For Her

“Don’t You Dare is a sexy, twisted tale of friendship, obsession, and the kind of secrets that won’t stay buried. With a complex but relatable protagonist, an intriguing dual storyline, and sharp insights on marriage, motherhood, and community, Jessica Hamilton’s latest is a spicy page turner!” —Robyn Harding, bestselling author of The Drowning Woman

“Steamy and devious, Don’t You Dare is a compelling story of college friendships, secrets, and risks that circle back ever more dangerously. There’s no escape when the game goes too far….” —Roz Nay, national bestselling author of The Hunted

“A sexy, thrilling, addictive story that will have readers frantically turning pages, desperate to find out what’s going on. Darkly romantic, with a twisty mystery—and a dangerous game—at its core, Don’t You Dare is the kind of juicy, seductive read that needs to be in everyone’s beach bag this summer. I dare you to put this book down—I couldn’t!” —Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, bestselling author of The Girls Are All So Nice Here

“Don’t You Dare is a captivating, propulsive thriller that I literally couldn’t put down. Don’t try to guess what will happen in this taut and poignant novel.” —R.J. Jacobs, author of Always the First to Die

“I gobbled this novel up in one sitting and loved every minute of it. It’s sexy, surprising, and full of suspense. The characters are vivid and compelling; the tension ratchets up a little more with each page. Hamilton’s masterful storytelling will no doubt hold you hostage.” —Jody Gehrman, author of The Girls Weekend and The Summer We Buried

Jessica Hamilton was born in Australia but grew up in Canada. She has lived and worked in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, India and Japan. She studied writing at the Humber School for Writers as well as George Brown College. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, son, and daughter. Her debut novel is titled What You Never Knew, her second novel titled, Don’t You Dare, are both thrillers and published by Crooked Lane Books.

Jessica is represented by Carolyn Forde. 

Congratulations Jessica!