Transatlantic is pleased to announce the latest translation deals on behalf of Page Two Books!

Chinese (Complex) rights to Haesun Moon’s COACHING A – Z sold to China Productivity Centre in association with Jennifer Lee at The Grayhawk Agency.

Bulgarian rights to Jeff Booth’s THE PRICE OF TOMORROW sold to CryptoPRO in association with Mira Droumeva at A.N.A. Sofia, and Vietnamese rights sold to Skybooks in association with Sherri Cheng at The Grayhawk Agency.

Portuguese (Brazil) rights to Allan Dib’s THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN sold to Intrinseca, at auction, in association with Júlia Garrigós at The Foreign Office.

Hindi rights to Phil M. Jones’ EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY sold to Sanage Publishing, and French rights sold to Eyrolles in association with Marie-France Heinic at Anna Jarota Agency.

Russian rights to Shari Eberts & Gael Hannan’s HEAR & BEYOND sold to Olympus-Business in association with Katya Ilina at The Van Lear Agency.

Turkish rights to Eric Siu’s LEVELING UP sold to Saga Kitap in association with Merve Diler at Kalem Agency.

Hungarian rights to Carrie Levine’s WHOLE WOMAN HEALTH sold to Édesvíz Kiado in association with Orsi Meszaros at Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents.

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