We want to congratulate Transatlantic author Piper CJ on the publication of their latest novel THE GLOOM BETWEEN STARS publishing today from Bloom Books! 

As well as it landing at #16 on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list fresh out the gate. Congratulations!

About the book:

Nox and Amaris learn their dreams of reunion come at an unspeakable cost. Passion and politics collide as the two young women learn to navigate an unknown future in the kingdom of Raascot. With new titles thrust upon them, Nox and Amaris find themselves more uncertain than ever of who they are meant to become—both to their people and to each other.

Humans, fae, and monsters are on the precipice of war, and time is running short in their search for answers. Victory will take more than just battles as alliances shift and new threats emerge. To have a chance at stopping their enemies, securing the continent’s succession, and uncovering the truth of their bond, the two women must find a way to break the curse on Raascot’s fae and face their fate once and for all…and hope that they survive it.

About the author:

Piper CJ is the author of the USA Today and PW Bestselling bisexual fantasy THE NIGHT AND ITS MOON, published by Bloom Books in late 2022. THE NIGHT AND ITS MOON to date rights have been sold to City Editions in France, Mondadori in Italy and Algaguara in Spain.

Piper is a photographer, hobby linguist, and french fry enthusiast. She has an M.A. in Folklore and a B.A. in Broadcasting. With another series forthcoming, when Piper isn’t playing with her dogs, Arrow and Applesauce, she’s making Tik Toks for her 1 million followers, studying fairytales, or writing fantasy very, very quickly. 

Piper is represented by Carolyn Forde and Alexandra D’Amico.