Jasmeen A. Siddiqui (j.a.s.) is a third-gen South Asian-Canadian who is currently catching extensive sun in Lisbon, Portugal. She studied at Western University, where she won the Lillian Kroll Prize for Creative Writing, and she has since published short stories and poetry in places like The Windsor Review and The Quilliad, as well as academic work in The Global Undergraduate Awards. She has also written a feature-length screenplay which was an official selection of Nostos Screenwriting Retreat, in addition to TV pilots and song lyrics, and she’s currently working on her debut novel.

Across these various mediums, her work often delves into themes of love in the margins, exploring how race, sexuality, class, family, and gender are interwoven with matters of the heart. Above all, she seeks to find and tell stories that illuminate the fantastic, terrible, hilarious, and high-stakes worlds of our normal little lives.

Jasmeen is represented by Amanda Orozco and Lisa Rambert.

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