We are thrilled to announce TikTok phenom and USA Today bestselling adult fantasy author Piper CJ (writing as Fern Forgettable)’s whimsically gothic middle grade novel THE GRAVEYARD GIFT, Book 1 in the Fern’s School for Wayward Fae series has sold in a number of territories. Some children are born human, some are born half ‘other’ with no idea that fairy blood runs through their veins. Rosemary Thorpe is one such girl who possesses the unfortunate gift of seeing exactly how people die – which leads her to be whisked away to Fern’s School for Wayward Fae, where pupils are given a choice at age 16 – return to the human realm, or remain in the world of the fae.

Tricia Lin has acquired World English rights for Random House Children’s in a significant 4 book deal, with Walker Books acquiring AUS/NZ rights for 2 books. Publication is planned for Fall 2024.

French rights in a 3 book pre-empt to Univers Poche Jeunesse (co-agent Lora Fountain at Agence Litteraire Lora Fountain & Associates), Italian rights for 4 books to Giunti (Vanessa Maus Berla & Griffini Rights Agency), Spanish rights for 3 books to Salamandra, PRH (by Amaiur Fernandez at International Editors & Yáñez Co’ S.L.), and Polish rights for 1 book to Nowa Basn (by Martyna Kowalewska at BookLab Agency).

Piper CJ has an M.A. in Folklore and a B.A. in Broadcasting. She is the author of the USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestselling adult fantasy series THE NIGHT AND IT’S MOON (Bloom Books), and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. When she isn’t playing with her dogs, Arrow and Applesauce, she’s making TikToks for her 1 million plus followers, studying fairytales, or creating worlds.

Deal arranged by Carolyn Forde and Alexandra D’Amico

Congratulations Piper!