We are thrilled to announce that Christa Desir of Bloom Books has acquired World English rights to USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestselling author Piper CJ’s The Villain Prequels Duology: A CHILL IN THE FLAME and A FROZEN PYRE, the much-anticipated backstory to adult fantasy series THE NIGHT AND IT’S MOON, in a 2-book deal!

A CHILL IN THE FLAME- In the Beginning, There Was Pain… ‌‌‌

Before the reevers kept peace throughout the land and demons filled the continent, before Sulgrave and Tarkhany became far-off lands with unknown monarchs, there was Princess Ophir, the last fae ruler of Farehold. Shattered by her sister’s murder, Ophir’s gift for flame engulfs the castle and those around her. A mysterious siren arrives to quell her fire as an unsuspecting ally works to keep the continent from falling into ruin. Caught between rivals, the princess’s fire isn’t the only source of heat as passions burn. From the Sulgrave Mountains to the Tarkhany Desert, enemies and allies from around the map arrive to witness the dark and powerful origin of Gyrradin’s beasts.‌

A FROZEN PYRE- Mother of Monsters… 

Struggling under the unbearable weight of newfound power, Ophir seeks refuge in Raascot with the scorned fiancé of her slain sister. Manifestation is meant to be the glorious gift of the All Mother, but wherever the princess goes, chaos and demons follow. Torn between the past that scarred her and the future before her, love and rage fuel the princess’s history-making steps. Curious eyes from around the continent turn to see what the princess will do as the clock runs out for her to make the most important decision Gyrradin has known. Vengeance, passion, and power uncover the betrayal that divided the land, and the blood that stained a kingdom.‌

Piper CJ has an M.A. in Folklore and a B.A. in Broadcasting. She is the author of the USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestselling adult fantasy series THE NIGHT AND IT’S MOON (Bloom Books), and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. When she isn’t playing with her dogs, Arrow and Applesauce, she’s making TikToks for her 1 million plus followers, studying fairytales, or creating worlds.‌

Deal arranged by Carolyn Forde and Alexandra D’Amico.

Congratulations Piper!