Photo credit: Kate Dockeray

Meaghan Wray is a Toronto-based freelance journalist, writer, and editor, with experience working in everything from celebrity magazine publishing to radio broadcast and national news rooms. 

A passionate storyteller, she uses her distinct, relatable voice to discuss her areas of interest—pop culture, health and beauty, and body and fat liberation—as they relate to the life experiences of herself and those around her, especially as they relate to body image, self-esteem and fatness. 

Her nonfiction and original reporting pieces have appeared widely in publications including Chatelaine, FASHION, Refinery29, Best Health, Reader’s Digest, Globe & Mail, and more. Meaghan is currently working on a collection of essays about her experience growing up fat, finding sobriety, and unlearning the rules of desirability. When she’s not working, Meaghan is an amateur makeup artist, an avid cyclist (the stationary kind), and a huge fan of karaoke.

Meaghan is represented by Amanda Orozco.

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