How exciting! Cristina Quintero’s THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE BREAD, illustrated by Sarah Gonzales (Tundra Books, 3-7) has been included in the Globe & Mail’s roundup of Six Children’s Books for the Fall!

THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE BREAD is a playful celebration of the various kinds of breads that people make around the world including Filipino pandesal buns, arepas, bao, campfire bannock and Jamaican hardo. Quintero, with the help of Gonzales’s engaging pencil crayon illustrations, walks readers through all the steps of making bread and the different ingredients used, along with some easy-to-follow recipes.

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Cristina Quintero is a Colombian Canadian writer living well outside her preferred climate in Alberta, Canada with her husband, kids and two ridiculous dogs in an extremely red house.

She is a breast cancer graduate and obsessed with community building, cooking, and following her curiosity wherever it leads her. Which is not always wise but also never boring.

Cristina is represented by Amanda Orozco and Laura Cameron.