We are excited to share a roundup of spectacular press and praise for THREE HOLIDAYS AND A WEDDING by Uzma Jalauddin and Transatlantic client Marissa Stapley!

THREE HOLIDAYS AND A WEDDING (Penguin Canada) is three times the holiday magic. Three times the chaos.

    As strangers and seatmates Maryam Aziz and Anna Gibson fly to Toronto over the holidays—Maryam to her sister’s impromptu wedding, and Anna to meet her boyfriend’s wealthy family for the first time—neither expect that severe turbulence will scare them into confessing their deepest hopes and fears to one another. At least they’ll never see each other again. And the love of Maryam’s life, Saif, wasn’t sitting two rows behind them hearing it all. Oops.

    An emergency landing finds Anna, Saif, Maryam, and her sister’s entire bridal party snowbound at the quirky Snow Falls Inn in a picture-perfect town, where fate has Anna’s actor-crush filming a holiday romance. As Maryam finds the courage to open her heart to Saif, and Anna feels the magic of being snowbound with an unexpected new love—both women soon realize there’s no place they’d rather be for the holidays.

Since it’s release on September 26th 2023, it has been on bestseller lists and flying off the shelves, as well as garnering some rave reviews and recognition! Here are just a few of them:

  • “Jalaluddin (Ayesha at Last) and Stapley (Lucky) join forces for a holiday romance with charm to spare…Proving that “holiday miracles can happen anywhere, to anyone, no matter what they celebrate,” the authors deliver heartfelt romance and plenty of cheer while also tackling heavier issues, including the weight of immigrant parents’ expectations and grief. It’s a keeper.” – Publishers Weekly Review https://www.publishersweekly.com/9780593543917
  • “With a backdrop of the holiday season(s)—specifically the 2000 confluence of Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Christmas—this story is geared to be a heartwarming holiday novel for readers of all three faiths. An earnest look at the myriad ways that people can find love if they are open to seeing it.” – Kirkus Review

Marissa Stapley is the NYT bestselling author of the novels Lucky (a Reese’s Book Club pick), The Last Resort, Things to Do When It’s Raining, and Mating for life. Her fiction has been published around the world and her journalism has appeared in magazines and newspapers across North America. She has taught creative writing and editing at the University of Toronto and Centennial College.

Uzma Jalaluddin is the author of AYESHA AT LAST (2018), a retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in a Toronto Muslim community. Her second novel HANA KHAN CARRIES ON (2021) is inspired by the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and set in rival halal restaurants. Uzma also writes a funny parenting column for The Toronto Star, and has written for The Atlantic.

Marissa is represented by Samantha Haywood of Transatlantic Agency and Uzma is represented by Ann Collette at Rees Literary Agency.

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