Congratulations on the publication of HOW TO EAT IN SPACE by Helen Taylor, illustrated by Stevie Lewis, published today from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers!


A kid-friendly, accessible, and humorous picture book about the sometimes complicated task of eating while in outer space—spoiler: it’s not as simple as it seems!

Without a kitchen, plates, or cups, eating in space isn’t easy. When food floats (and so do you), remember:

1. Be patient: Preparing a meal without gravity’s help takes time.

2. Avoid crumbs: They get everywhere!

3. Clean up after yourself: Today’s stray snack could become tomorrow’s smelly surprise.

Once you learn the dos and don’ts, you’ll be eating like an astronaut in no time!

This fact-filled look at the sometimes complicated task of eating while away from Earth will show young readers what it’s really like to live on the space station, with engaging back matter that takes a deep dive into the topic and features photos of real NASA astronauts!

Helen Taylor is a science-loving children’s writer in Santa Cruz, California. She started telling quirky stories at the California Academy of Sciences, a museum and research institution in San Francisco, where she wrote about polar bear hair plugs, catfish physicals, and other curiosities. In 2019, she received the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators’ Work-in-Progress Grant for Nonfiction. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her traipsing through the redwoods with her family. Or stargazing. Or daydreaming about tacos.

Helen Taylor is represented by Amy Tompkins.

Stevie Lewis is represented by Ed Maxwell.

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