Rebecca Villarreal was raised on equal parts Ray Bradbury and Jane Austen, so it’s no wonder she grew up to write romantic sci-fi (though thankfully with more diverse casts of characters!). She draws on her majors in Psychology and Religious Studies from Rice University to investigate our modern way of life through the lens of near-future possibilities. Her first novel, VICARIOUSLY, is a Black Mirror take on the future of lifestyle influencers that won SCBWI’s A. Orr Fantasy Grant and was shortlisted for the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Diversity Grants. 

Rebecca splits her time between writing young adult novels and running an early literacy nonprofit to help close the opportunity and achievement gaps for underserved kids in a high-poverty area of rural Texas, where she lives with her husband and daughter in a home with more books than square feet. 

Rebecca is represented by Jane Chun.

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