Transatlantic client Vera Blossom was featured in the LA Times coverage of the launching of Dopamine, L.A.’s newest Queer Lit Publisher!

Dopamine is a queer literary organization that aims to elevate LGBTQI+ writing and writers through publishing, reading series, literary tours and workshops.They lok to promote and nurture queer work that falls outside the mainstream of even LGBTQI+ storytelling. Dopamine is Writer and editor Michelle Tea’s latest effort to bring new voices into the world.

Vera, who is releasing her first book, “How to F— Like a Girl,” with Dopamine, says her debut “would not exist if I had never met Michelle, point blank. I’ve worked hard to carve out space for myself to exist unapologetically. When I found Michelle, I discovered that she’d already built an entire world for me to explore and be free in.”

Vera is represented by Amanda Orozco and Laura Cameron. 

Another Transatlantic client Naz Riahi, who is represented by Amanda Orozco, is proud to be publishing for the first time with Dopamine as well. 

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