Congratulations on the publication of STILL MY TESSA by Sylv Chiang, illustrated by Mathias Ball, released January 2 2024 from Scholastic Canada!

A gently affirming story of the connection between siblings, and learning to embrace non-binary identities, and be an effective ally at home and in our communities.

Evelyn is worried about Tessa. Tessa doesn’t want to play the same games they used to play together, but Evelyn is determined to find new ways to connect with her older sibling. And she is also learning to see Tessa as a non-binary person by learning to use new pronouns for them. Evelyn learns very quickly that it isn’t hard, but she sees that others still find it difficult. Through the course of this heartfelt story, Evelyn reaffirms her connection to her sibling and shows those around them how to make the effort to support Tessa – with love. Back matter includes information on gender and ways to be a kind and effective ally.

Sylv Chiang grew up in Toronto. As an only child, she had a lot of quiet time to read. Her favorite series was Trixie Belden, but she also loved books by Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. In Grade One, she wanted to be an author when she grew up. 

Sylv studied French at the University of Toronto, and since all her past jobs had involved teaching kids, the obvious path was to become a French teacher. She has taught French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French in the Toronto District School Board. When her second child was born, Sylv remembered her childhood dream of becoming an author. She enrolled in a Writing for Children class and soon began her middle grade fiction series, Cross Ups, to appeal to the students in her Grade Five class who were more interested in video games than books. 

​​Sylv’s favorite part of being an author is when her characters surprise her by doing something she wasn’t expecting.  When she’s not writing, you can find Sylv on her yoga mat or at the local library.

Sylv is represented by Amy Tompkins.