Transatlantic is thrilled to announce that debut author Liann Zhang’s FOLLOW US, has been acquired by Loan Le at Atria Books (US) and Nita Pronovost at Simon & Schuster Canada, with Brittany Lavery editing (Canada), in a two-book pre-empt, in a good deal, and also to Alison Hennessey at Raven Books (UK Commonwealth excl Canada), in a two-book pre-empt, for publication Spring 2025, by Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Agency. 

Rights also sold to Suhrkamp, at auction (World German), by Leonie Kress at Liepman Agency, on behalf of Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Agency.

FOLLOW US is a cutting, sharply-observed satirical thriller with elements of socio horror following a young woman who steals her mega-influencer twin’s identity after she mysteriously dies, only to discover that her twin’s picture-perfect life is more sinister than it appeared on social media.

Liann Zhang is a writer, plant lover and ex-skincare blogger based in Toronto. She works in the mental health space. As a Chinese-Canadian, her work is informed by themes of identity, class and race. Though usually heartfelt and humorous, her stories occasionally verge into horror. 

Congratulations Liann!