Transatlantic is delighted to announce that World rights to Jenny Birch’s debut YA novel, MUD & BONES, has been acquired by Christina Lopez at Wednesday Books!

MUD & BONES by Jenny Birch is a heartwarming, hopeful grounded YA fantasy that explores family, love, and loyalty through the lens of adoption with a fresh twist on golem mythology.

Terra Slater might not know anything about her birth family or her origins, but that hasn’t stopped her life from unfolding just as she always imagined and she fully intends her senior year to be her best year yet. Then Thorne Wilder, a magical bounty hunter, moves to town, bringing revelations that messes up all of Terra’s plans. When Terra learns she is a golem and wasn’t born but crafted from mud and magic by a warlock in atonement for his crimes, her world is upended. Desperate to save herself – and the other golems that populate their small town – Terra strikes a deal with Thorne and the witches to preserve the life and magic of the warlock.  If she can uphold her end of the bargain, the golems will survive.  If she can’t, she and the mud children will perish along with Cyrus. Along the way, she finds a reluctant ally in the coven’s bounty hunter Thorne, as she comes to understand the depths of her own magic, humanity, and the nature of good and evil.

Jenny Birch is a middle school teacher of English, French, and history, and serves as a youth theater director for students in grades 7-12. She lives in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, two sons, and foster baby. Jenny holds a BA in French and an MEd in Instruction & Learning and as an adoptee herself, she is a passionate advocate for children, particularly those in the foster care and adoption communities. When she’s not in her classroom or on stage with her students, you can find her either dancing in the kitchen with her family or flexing her overactive imagination. You can find Jenny on Twitter @TheRealMrsBirch.

Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Agency handled the deal.