We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Gurdeep Pandher to the Transatlantic Literary Agency! 

Gurdeep Pandher is a social media star with more than half a million followers across all platforms. He recently championed Dimitri Nasrallah’s book, HOTLINE, on Canada Reads. His message is one of joy, hope and positivity, which he inspires through his love of Bhangra dancing, a Punjabi folk dance, and through his love of the spectacular beauty of nature in the Yukon, where he lives. 

Last year, Memorial University in Newfoundland awarded Gurdeep with an honorary doctorate for his contributions to Canadians through dancing, cross-cultural initiatives, and messages of hope. In 2022, he started a nationwide tour to bring his messages of joy, hope and positivity to many Canadians in small and remote communities, when he traveled Atlantic Canada and Quebec. He then resumed his tour in 2023 and visited many communities in Ontario and Manitoba. 

This summer, he’s going to embark on the rest of his cross-Canada trip from Saskatchewan, where he’ll visit communities to inspire joy. Gurdeep is writing a book we’re calling for now “Joy is My Home.” In it, he will offer his wise approach to living well, and how readers can bring more joy into their lives. 

You can find Gurdeep at:

Gurdeep Pandher is represented by Marilyn Biderman.

Welcome Gurdeep!