We are excited to share the cover reveal for MISADVENTURES IN GHOSTHUNTING by Melissa Yue set to be released by HarperCollins on August 27, 2024!

Emma Wong is struggling to tell her parents about a lot of things. Getting a D on her math test, for one. Seeing ghosts, for another.

When a mysterious figure sets Emma’s family altar on fire, that’s one more secret to add to her list, which is growing perilously long. At the top of the list is the spectral ghosthunter named Henry, who has an attitude problem and a special loathing for Emma. Next, there’s Leon, a mild-mannered ghost guardian who is as flighty as the pigeon he often turns into. There’s Michelle, Emma’s ride-or-die bestie, whose curiosity about ghosts often eclipses her instinct for survival. And then there’s Chinese calligraphy—the magical kind. In the hands of a skilled ghosthunter, words and intention transform into magical protections. But in Emma’s shaky hands, it’s shiny and ineffective.

The most stunning secret, however, is that Emma’s sweet, plant-loving grandmother has the power to shank ghosts! What’s more, her grandma is an exorcist with a secret of her own. A secret that is haunting the Wongs from the Underworld.

The only way for Emma to save her loved ones is to tap into the Wong family’s ghosthunting history. Easier said than done, of course. Hungry ghosts are one thing, but Emma’s bad calligraphy may be what dooms them all!

Melissa Yue loves all things spooky (but not too spooky, please). When she’s not saving the neighbourhood squirrels from her dog’s machinations, she can be found obsessively researching ghost stories, local lore, and cultural mythologies over bubble tea—half-sweet, and preferably with grass jelly instead of pearls.

Her work is informed by her experiences in the Chinese-Canadian diaspora community, her previous career in English as a Second Language education, and all her nerdy interests in Asian dramas, K-pop, webtoons, anime, and gaming. She graduated from the University of Victoria with a B.A. Applied Linguistics, and she views her writing, like many of her endeavours, as a way to connect back to her roots.

Melissa is represented by Amanda Orozco.