Transatlantic is excited to share a roundup of recent Translation Deals for three of our clients! 

Martha Baillie’s THERE IS NO BLUE, to Editions Alto (French North America) by Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Agency, on behalf of Alana Wilcox at Coach House Books.  

THERE IS NO BLUE (Coach House Books NA and Granta UK) is Martha Baillie’s richly layered response to her mother’s passing, her father’s life, and her sister’s suicide is an exploration of how the body, the rooms we inhabit, and our languages offer the psyche a home, if only for a time. 

Joanna Goodman’s THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS to PROZORETS Publishing House (Bulgaria), by Samantha Haywood and Carolyn Forde at Transatlantic Agency.

THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS (Harper Paperbacks) is the heart-wrenching, gripping story of a mother-daughter bond that could not be broken – inspired by true events.

Kai Thomas’ IN THE UPPER COUNTRY (Penguin Canada) to Boreal (France), by Megan Husain at the Anna Jarota Agency, on behalf of Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Agency.

IN THE UPPER COUNTRY follows the fates of two unforgettable women—one just beginning a journey of reckoning and self-discovery and the other completing her life’s last vital act—intertwine in this sweeping, deeply researched debut set in the Black communities of Ontario that were the last stop on the Underground Railroad.

Congratulations to everyone!