Congratulations on the publication of ALWAYS BEGINNING: The Big Bang, the Universe, and You written by Candace Savage, illustrated by Transatlantic client Rachel Wada publishing today from Greystone Books!

For kids with big questions comes a mesmerizing celebration of the universe and our place in it, perfect for STEM learning.

The story of the universe is enough to send our minds spinning with wonder! This awe-inspiring picture book explores the science behind the start of our universe and how we came to be a part of it, from the Big Bang and the beginning of life on Earth all the way up until today.

Designed for readers 4-8, Always Beginning includes:

  • Science-based information on how the world was created, and how life on Earth started
  • Facts about our solar system and the Big Bang.
  • Backmatter explaining the science, including a timeline of the origins of the universe through the ages of fish, reptiles, mammals, and humans.

Told with reassuring warmth and mesmerizing art, Always Beginning captures the immensity and strangeness of our galaxy. 

Rachel Wada is a freelance illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. Her visual style is an amalgamation of cultural influences and techniques that reflect her Japanese-Chinese heritage. Rachel creates illustrations for children’s books, magazines, advertising campaigns, murals, and more! She draws inspiration from the everyday and finds joy in visually communicating thoughts, emotions, and ideas that are often intangible. Rachel loves incorporating lots of texture and vibrant colors in her work to amplify the emotional undertones of stories and ideas big and small.

Rachel is represented by Amy Tompkins.

Congratulations Rachel!