Congratulations on the publication of BURN YOUR SH*T: The Life-Changing Magic of Rituals by Lori Dyan publishing today with HarperCollins Canada!

Are you ready to release the old so you can embrace the bold? It’s time to Burn. Your. Sh*t.‌ 

Rituals are routines infused with loving intention. The empowerment and unburdening they provide is immense and undeniable. Whether you’re releasing something (or someone) with a Full Moon ritual, elevating your morning skincare routine with a ceremony of self-love or celebrating a milestone moment, rituals can enrich—and even transform—your life.  Burn Your Sh*t guides you to discover what is possible (and the work that needs to be done) with rituals to help you step into your potential and make your own magic. Full Moons are an opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or any other bad mojo that’s hanging around. Crystals can promote healing and boost manifesting. Sacred geometry offers ancient wisdom to amplify ambitions. Sleeping on top of intentions can turn your life around.  You can easily customize rituals to meet you where you’re at in any given moment—from fueling your body to finding your soulmate. With the right rituals, you can face challenges with clarity, connect to your inner wisdom and become the designer of your dreams.

Praise for BURN YOUR SH*T:

“Like having lunch with your new best friend, the one who sees you not just as you are but as you could be, Burn Your Sh*t is wise and tender, witty and insightful—and an indispensable manual for building transformative ritual into your life in practical, accessible ways. For those who have been transformed by writers like Glennon Doyle, Cheryl Strayed and Jen Sincero, please add Lori Dyan to your reading list now as a next step on your journey to the very place you were always meant to arrive.” — Marissa Stapley, New York Times bestselling author of LUCKY‌

‌‌“This is my kind of book! Life-changing rituals done with a practical approach? Count me in! Lori Dyan takes us step-by-step to creating an important element of our spiritual practice with the help of powerful rituals that work for you. Lori is a brilliant and talented tarot reader and teacher who gifts us all with information we need to create our own authentic rituals that can help transform our lives. From crystals to cauldrons, Lori thoughtfully and humorously explains the origins, reasons and purposes of these powerful mystical  techniques. If you are looking to be out with the old and in with the new, clean up your energy, or just wanting to elevate your inner witch, this is the book for you!‌” — MaryAnn DiMarco, Author of Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others, internationally-recognized psychic medium, author, and speaker

‌‌”Lori is special. Those who know just know and you feel it when you get time with her. Her insight is beautiful, inspiring, and reminds you that your intuition is a guiding light. On top of all of this, her humour is another piece that sets her apart.” —  ‌Cheryl Hickey, Canadian TV Personality

“‌‌‌‌With a blend of delightful humour and spiritual wisdom, Burn Your Sh*t invites the reader into practicing rituals with ease and intention.  Through her words, Lori Dyan blends magic with concrete practicality to help us bridge two worlds.  Whether you consider yourself a beginner or have been practicing ceremony for decades, Burn Your Sh*t offers brilliant ritual advice for modern times.” — Asha Frost, Indigenous healer and best-selling author of You are the Medicine and The Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck.‌

“Burn Your Sh*t is an amazing guide. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lori to bring more rituals into my life, impacting positive change for the highest good of myself and others!”  — ‌Nyakio Grieco, Co-Founder, Thirteen Lune & Founder, Relevant Skin‌

“This book is lightning in a bottle. Lori brings her vitality, wisdom and wit to help us transform our lives through the power of ritual. She provides the tools and the spark to help us ‘set fire to our limiting beliefs.’ This beauty of a book is a bridge to our own soulful evolution. It’s a healing path on the page. Dive in.” —‌ Heidi Rose Robbins‌‌‌

Lori Dyan has been known as Tarot Lori for over thirty years, with an international clientele—from Hells Angels to CEOs, celebrities to CIA operatives—and a dedicated Instagram following. Despite being mentored by a legit, crystal-ball-gazing witch, Lori is not your average tarot card reader. Her tagline, “Woo Woo Without the Cuckoo,” reflects her modern and accessible style of tarot. As a member of the Peguis band (from Cree and Ojibwe descent), Lori’s lineage is woven throughout her work—it is the source of her magic. As well as offering online readings and workshops worldwide, Lori is a popular media guest, keynote speaker and event entertainer.‌

Lori Dyan is represented by Alex D’Amico.