The Forest of Reading Kid’s Committee has released their 2024 Suggested Reading Lists and we’re thrilled to share that LEON LEVELS UP by Paul Coccia has been included on their Red Maple Readers (Ages 12–14, Grades 7-8) list!

The Forest of Reading® is Canada’s largest recreational reading program! This initiative offers ten reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. The Forest helps celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators. More than 270,000 readers participate annually from their school and/or public library. All Canadians are invited to participate via their local public library, school library, or individually.

About the included title:

LEON LEVELS UP by Paul Coccia (Orca Book Publishers)

In the real world, Leon isn’t built to be a hero, but he must become one when he gets trapped in

a cutting-edge virtual-reality game. 

Twelve-year-old Leon loves video games. When he plays, he feels confident and amazing for just a little while. The rest of the time he feels like a loser. So Leon is shocked when Nico, the coolest kid ever and the son of a video-game developer, invites him over to test out the newest game at his dad’s high-tech lab. To play, they must submerge themselves in giant tanks filled with nanobots, which are programmed to interact with the players and form the physical gaming world. It sounds perfectly safe. But a glitch causes the tiny robots to start behaving oddly, putting the boys in real-life danger. Now it’s up to Leon to slay a dragon, to beat the game and save Nico and himself…before the timer runs out.

Paul is represented by Amy Tompkins.