Representing Fiction/Nonfiction Adult/Children’s Authors


I am open for submissions by referral only.

I generally interested in fiction and non-fiction submissions with series and franchise potential, board books, novelties, graphic novels, middle grade, and YA fiction. I tend to be partial to books with humor; books that approach contemporary issues in a fresh, new way; books that are inspired by pop-culture and current trends. I’m very interested in finding young chapter books and early readers, especially illustrated projects. If you are submitting as an author-illustrator, you must include a link to your online portfolio and/or dummy as a sample of your work.

I’m currently closed for submissions. When I am open for submissions, use the following link.

In the meantime I will accept submissions by referral only. All other queries sent to my email will be deleted.


I have spent my career in the children’s publishing industry with positions in marketing, product development and editorial at such companies as Scholastic, Readers Digest and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Prior to joining the Transatlantic Agency, I was an Executive Editor at HMH where I focused on brand-forward publishing around classic properties like Curious George, Little Blue Truck and The Little Prince as well as novelties, board books and picture books. During my tenure I established an IP program launching several middle grade series including The Next Best Junior Chef, Survivor Diaries, and Junior Ninja Champion.

As an agent, I represent a balanced list of talented picture book, graphic novel, middle grade and YA authors and illustrators. I am interested in fiction and non-fiction submissions especially those with series potential and I’m partial to books with humor; books that approach contemporary issues in a fresh, new way; books that are inspired by pop-culture and current trends; books that make even a reluctant reader want to curl up in a nook and read.

Contrary to evidence suggesting otherwise, my favorite book is not Pride and Prejudice.


Recent sales include:

Layla and the Bots by Vicky Fang. Early chapter book series to Scholastic Branches.

Valentine’s Day Cookies by Tara Knudson. Board Book to Zonderkidz.

The Edge of Everywhen by Allison Mackey. Middle grade novel to Lifeway.

Little Lunch Truck by Charles Beyl. Picture book to Feiwel and Friends.

Jurassic Peck by Cyndi Marko. Early chapter book to Scholastic Branches.

The Astonishing Maybe by Shaunta Grimes. Middle grade fiction to Feiwel and Friends.

Camp by Kayla Miller. Graphic novel to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Jo by Kathleen Gros. Graphic novel to HarperCollins.

True Story of a World Traveling Bug Hunter by Christine Evans. Picture book to Innovation Press.

Drive the Car by KC Hayes. Novelty format to Chronicle.

Invent-a-Pet by Vicky Fang. Picture book to Sterling.

Other Boys by Damian Alexander. Graphic novel to First Second.

Emily’s Idea by Christine Evans. Picture book manuscript to Sounds True.

Play with Clay and Play with Paint by Jen Sendros-Keshka. Illustrated board books to Penguin.

We Walk by Kari Lavelle. Picture book manuscript to HarperCollins.

Moving Words about a Flower by K.C. Hayes. Picture book manuscript and concept to Charlesbridge.

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost Kiss by Amy Parks. YA romantic comedy to Abrams.

Our Girl by Nina Chapman. Middle grade fiction to Capstone.

Two untitled middle grade graphic novels by Kayla Miller to HMH.


  • Alexander, Damian (AUTHORS)
  • Chapman, Nina (AUTHORS)
  • Charlesworth, Liza (AUTHORS)
  • Dadey, Debbie (AUTHORS)
  • DiDomizio, Nicolas (AUTHORS)
  • Evans, Christine (AUTHORS)
  • Fang, Vicky (AUTHORS)
  • Goodman, Susan E. (AUTHORS)
  • Grimes, Shaunta (AUTHORS)
  • Gros, Kathleen (AUTHORS)
  • Hayes, K.C. (AUTHORS)
  • King, Bart (AUTHORS)
  • Knudson, Tara (AUTHORS)
  • Lavelle, Kari (AUTHORS)
  • Mackey, Allison (AUTHORS)
  • Mahoney, Meg (AUTHORS)
  • Marko, Cyndi (AUTHORS)
  • Miller, Kayla (AUTHORS)
  • Parks, Amy Noelle (AUTHORS)
  • Pimienta, Jose (AUTHORS)
  • Reding, Mary (AUTHORS)
  • Rudy, Rebecca Marks (AUTHORS)
  • Sendros-Keshka, Jen (AUTHORS)
  • Teis, Kyra (AUTHORS)
  • Treml, Renée (AUTHORS)