Representing Adult, CHILDREN AND YA Authors


Laura represents books across all genres and ages, with a focus on adult and YA fiction and nonfiction with a specialization in book-to-tv/film representation. She seeks out issue-driven books that surprise and provoke the reader, and literary writing that blends and subverts genre. Laura has a particular interest in contemporary stories that invite readers into lesser-known worlds, reimagined folklore, elevated horror, literary/upmarket suspense, research-based narrative nonfiction, and true crime. Above all, she seeks out unique narrative voices, characters she doesn’t recognize, and writing she can’t turn away from.

Laura is closed to queries. Due to the volume of submissions received, Laura only responds to queries she is actively considering.


Laura Cameron joined the Transatlantic Agency after six years at Penguin Random House Canada, where she worked in editorial, sales and publicity. Before her career in publishing, Laura did a Master’s in Journalism at Columbia University, interned with the Economist Group, and worked for Canadian Business magazine.


  • Karen Benning
  • Kim Bolan
  • Francesca Boretsky
  • Kay Chronister
  • K.S. Covert
  • Pauline Dakin
  • Alisha Emrich
  • Tara Sidhoo Fraser
  • Kawika Guillermo
  • Ruchira Gupta
  • Teya Hollier
  • Tariq Hussain
  • Kim Izzo
  • Brandi Morin
  • Oubah Osman
  • Lue Palmer
  • Karisma Price
  • Cristina Quintero
  • Zandra Renwick
  • Cherry Lou Sy
  • Ewan Whyte

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