Representing Adult and young adult Authors


On the fiction side, Devon is interested in literary and upmarket fiction with sharp, insightful writing and vivid characters. She’s partial to speculative fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction, metafiction, light psychological suspense, and romcoms. She leans toward adult fiction, but will also consider YA and cross-over projects. Devon is not the right agent for most thrillers, horror, mystery, or historical fiction.

On the nonfiction side, Devon is on the lookout for creative and narrative nonfiction, investigative journalism, broad-perspective memoir, and popular science/psychology/medicine/philosophy. She’s interested in any strong narrative voice that can bring a complicated or niche subject to the average reader.

Across the board, her interest is always piqued by manuscripts that feature tangled-up morality; internet culture; climate change; millennials; unusual story structures; or love stories between flawed characters. She seeks to represent a diverse range of voices and perspectives. For more detail on what she’s looking for, please view her website or her manuscript wishlist.

To query Devon, please send a query letter, author bio, and 20-page sample (for fiction) or proposal (for nonfiction) to Please include “Query” in the subject line, and notify her if another offer of representation is received. Devon responds to all queries, though she regrets that she cannot offer personalized feedback.


Devon Halliday joined Transatlantic as a Literary Agent in the summer of 2020, with prior experience at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Susanna Lea Associates, Writers House, Maria B. Campbell Associates, and Folio Literary Management in agenting and scouting. She grew up in Athens, OH, and studied Comparative Literature at Brown University. After years in the NYC publishing scene, she has returned to Ohio and is building a list at Transatlantic in literary and upmarket fiction and niche nonfiction.