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Rob Firing has been working as a promoter and publicist for more than 20 years, 15 of those at HarperCollins as their Senior Director of Publicity, Communications and Speakers’ Bureau. Rob has worked closely with everyone from JK Rowling to Tom Wolfe, from Margaret Trudeau to Margaret Drabble — literally hundreds of writers across many genres. He has won awards for his work from the Canadian Marketing Association and other marketing and PR organizations. He is also the co-author of The Everyday Squash Cook (HarperCollins, 2014), and the author of STEAK REVOLUTION (HarperCollins, 2018), which was a Gourmand World Cookbook Award finalist. 


  • Abdou, Angie
  • Ahmad, Yusra
  • Al-Solaylee, Kamal
  • Allingham, Jeremy
  • Ashly Jernigan
  • Ashley Schütz
  • Bala, Sharon
  • Banackissa, Murielle
  • Benmergui, Ralph
  • Bishop-Stall, Shaughnessy
  • Bourgeois, Paulette
  • Crawford, Jennifer
  • Dann, Moira
  • Dembicki, Geoff
  • Dolan, Doug
  • Eaton, Susan R.
  • Ernst, Thom
  • Fisher, Karen
  • Fitzpatrick, Frank
  • Foster, Cecil
  • Fraser, Kimberly
  • Frost, Asha
  • Ghent, Natale
  • Giese, Rachel
  • Gupta, Ruchira
  • Hall, Patti
  • Hernandez, Catherine
  • Jackson, Angeline C.
  • Jalaluddin, Uzma
  • Jass, Vanessa
  • Johnson, Harold
  • Khan, Rukhsana
  • Kortes-Miller, Kathy
  • Kossman, Nina
  • Leduc, Amanda
  • Lewis, Marc
  • Lou, Ethan
  • Martinez de Salas, Karla
  • McFarlane, Brian
  • McGuire, Ra
  • McWilliam, Heather
  • Nawaz, Zarqa
  • Negovanlis, Natasha
  • Paisley, Erinne
  • Pyper, Andrew
  • Rebick, Judy
  • Richler, Noah
  • Shah, Chirag
  • Stuart, Amy
  • Tamblyn Watts, Laura
  • Teillet, Jean
  • Thapa, Manjushree
  • Thawer, Rahim
  • Tom, Nazbah
  • von Palleske, Heidi
  • Walters, Eric
  • Zafar, Samra