Representing Children’s and adult authors


Areas of interest: I am an omnivorous reader with eclectic tastes. On the children’s side, I represent authors working in all levels and genres, everything from board books through young adult, with a particular fondness for children’s nonfiction. I also represent select illustrators and will consider submissions from author-illustrators and graphic novelists. I am particularly looking for Own Voices authors and illustrators. On the adult side, I am interested in non-fiction, literary fiction, and commercial fiction with fabulous writing. In adult books I’m not a fan of genre fiction in the areas of horror, science fiction or fantasy.

I am currently closed to queries.


Amy Tompkins has worked in publishing since 2002 and has been with the Transatlantic Agency since 2007. She represents children’s authors, adult authors, select illustrators, and is the international rights agent for Islandport Press. Amy is a graduate of the Publishing Program at Ryerson University, and has an MA in English Language and Literature. She is the Secretary of PACLA (the Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents), and teaches in the Creative Book Publishing Program at Humber College in Toronto.


  • Acheson, Alison
  • Bennett, Holly
  • Betcherman, Michael
  • Bokma, Anne
  • Bourgeois, Paulette
  • Brouwer, Sigmund
  • Castillo, Ani
  • Chiang, Sylvia
  • Clark, Brenda
  • Coccia, Paul
  • Day, Marie
  • Deen, Natasha
  • Delaney, Rachelle
  • Dixit, Prajwala
  • Dunn, Claire Ross
  • Eaton, Susan R.
  • Edwards, Wallace
  • Fagan, Cary
  • Farias, Chris Paul Rainbows
  • Florence, Melanie
  • Frayne, Jill
  • Gurtler, Janet
  • Harbridge, Paul
  • Hasley, Christina
  • Havrelock, Deidre
  • Humphrey, Anna
  • Hussain, Salma
  • Inglis, Kate
  • Irwin, Jennifer
  • Jennings, S J
  • Kampen Van, Karen
  • Kay, Edward
  • Khan, Rukhsana
  • Khashiyeva, Lyubov
  • Klassen-Kay, Mikhael
  • Kusugak, Michael
  • Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
  • Martinez de Salas, Karla
  • Matas, Carol
  • McDonell, Regan
  • McNicoll, Sylvia
  • Miller-Schroeder, Patricia
  • Mulder, Michelle
  • Nickel, Barbara
  • Payne, Mary Jennifer
  • Pearson, Debora
  • Pearson, Kit
  • Peterson, Shelley
  • Pignat, Caroline
  • Plett, Cale
  • Polak, Monique
  • Poliquin, Rachel
  • Reid-Benta, Zalika
  • Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
  • Smith, Heather
  • Staunton, Ted
  • Tate, Nikki
  • Taylor, Helen
  • Wada, Rachel
  • Walters, Eric
  • Withers, Pam
  • Zwillich, Julie