Representing Children’s and adult authors


Areas of interest: I am an omnivorous reader with eclectic tastes. On the children’s side, I represent books for all levels and genres including both fiction and non-fiction: picture books, chapter books, middle-grade, and young adult. Currently, I am not taking on clients who are only writing picture books.  On the adult side, I am interested in non-fiction, and literary and commercial fiction in all genres except horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

Guidelines: Accepting new clients by referral only. Please send submissions by email only. Submissions should include a short biography, past publishing credits, and a 20-page writing sample in Word or PDF format.


Amy Tompkins has worked in publishing since 2002 and has been with the Transatlantic Agency since 2007. She represents both children’s and adult authors and is also the international rights agent for Islandport Press. Amy is a graduate of the Publishing Program at Ryerson University, and has an MA in English Language and Literature.


  • Acheson, Alison
  • Bennett, Holly
  • Betcherman, Michael
  • Bokma, Anne
  • Bourgeois, Paulette
  • Brouwer, Sigmund
  • Castillo, Ani
  • Chiang, Sylvia
  • Clark, Brenda
  • Day, Marie
  • Deen, Natasha
  • Delaney, Rachelle
  • Dunn, Claire Ross
  • Eaton, Susan R.
  • Fagan, Cary
  • Florence, Melanie
  • Frayne, Jill
  • Gurtler, Janet
  • Harbridge, Paul
  • Hasley, Christina
  • Humphrey, Anna
  • Inglis, Kate
  • Irwin, Jennifer
  • Jennings, S J
  • Kay, Edward
  • Kopstals, Alexandra
  • Kusugak, Michael
  • Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
  • Magyarody, Katherine
  • Matas, Carol
  • McDonell, Regan
  • McNicoll, Sylvia
  • Miller-Schroeder, Patricia
  • Mulder, Michelle
  • Nickel, Barbara
  • Payne, Mary Jennifer
  • Pearson, Debora
  • Pearson, Kit
  • Peterson, Shelley
  • Pignat, Caroline
  • Polak, Monique
  • Poliquin, Rachel
  • Reid-Benta, Zalika
  • Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
  • Smith, Heather
  • Staunton, Ted
  • Tate, Nikki
  • Wada, Rachel
  • Walters, Eric
  • Withers, Pam
  • Zwillich, Julie