Representing Adult Authors


Evan is currently developing his list and is looking for submissions in the following genres:

Literary fiction, featuring unique voices, intriguing characters, writing ranging from real to the surreal, and stories that ponder big questions – even when narrow in scope.

Historical fiction, literary rather than genre, featuring epic settings, multi-generational legacies, and compelling character drama.

Fantasy fiction, written for adult readers, meaning mature themes more than mature content, laced with intricate lore, tangled politics, and relatable motivations.

Science fiction, set in unique and evocative locations, challenging elements of contemporary society through a futuristic lens or alternative reality.

Sports history and memoir, ideally narrative driven and reflecting to some extent on bigger issues or the wider world beyond sports.

Submissions by email only, please, including a short biography, synopsis, and 20-page sample in Word or PDF. Replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.


Evan Brown is an Associate Agent and Records Clerk at Transatlantic Literary Agency.

Evan has been in publishing since 2012. Prior to joining Transatlantic in April 2019 he worked at a major trade publisher based in Toronto as a marketing specialist for adult and YA novels, including multiple New York Times bestsellers across a wide range of genres; as an acquisitions committee reader; and in online rights, helping authors combat digital piracy and plagiarism. He has experience copyediting, proofreading and freelance editing.

As Records Clerk, Evan facilitates royalties and contract admin for the agency and provides overall support to the front-office team. He has also read for several agents and assists Senior Agent Stephanie Sinclair.

Evan holds an MA in 18th Century Studies from the University of York, UK, and a BA combined honours in Early Modern Studies and English from Dalhousie and The University of King’s College, where he was editor-in-chief of the Early Modern Studies programme student journal, Babel, in 2009.