Catherine’s childhood spanned the globe, and helped her to develop an appreciation for all the different lives a person can live. She has been to all 50 states in the US, lived in six, and has called Portland home for 14 years. She earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Syracuse University, and continued to develop her observational and problem solving skills while working as a product designer at Ziba Design. The call of the open road pulled her from that desk and into the life of a touring musician. She played cello for Sea Wolf and Horse Feathers, making multiple laps around the country and a few stints in Europe, until her sketchbook started to complain and eventually demanded a more stable surface. Happily back at the drawing table, she began developing her personal style as an illustrator, while freelancing and selling her art at local street fairs. In that time, some of her doodles became recurring characters, single images became short sequences, and some of those have evolved into stories.

Represented by Fiona Kenshole.

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