CS does illustrations for the children’s markets, but goes wherever his pencil will take him. Publishing, gaming, editorial, advertising, entertainment, animation, commercial, apparel, apps, greeting cards—yep, he has pretty much done everything.

CS loves writing and illustrating for children. He wrote Hello, Texas! (Sterling Publishing). He was the author-illustrator of the picture book Animal Band (Sterling Publishing). As an illustrator he has drawn books for Penguin Group Books, Scholastic, Stone Arch Books, and Sterling Publishing. CS loves collaborating with art directors and editors. Storytelling has always inhabited CS’s drawing. As CS writes more, his stories find their expression in words.

CS honed his illustration chops in newspapers; he’s a master of the quick turnaround. Whether it’s knocking out pirates and sharks for Duracell, box-top skunks and porcupines for the Would You Rather? series of games, character and environment concepts for Disney Interactive, or a bunch of player caricatures for an ESPN: The Magazine article.

Design has been a guiding force in CS’s life. CS has a degree in graphic communication with an informal study in illustration. In CS’s career he has been a graphic designer, art and creative director. Informed by his design training, shape and movement are key elements in his illustration work. CS believes that good design is a foundation of the industry regardless of the medium.

CS has a passion for animation. It was therefore a dream come true when CS had the chance to be an animation lead for Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly. Character design and sequential story telling are what CS has to offer to the industry.

Giving back and mentoring is crucial for CS. CS has taught at the university level, spoken to elementary and high school classrooms, and is a part of informal industry groups across the city. In that vein, in October 2016 CS took over the mantle Illustrator Coordinator for the Austin chapter of The Society of Children’s Book Writer and Illustrators, a vibrant community of writers and illustrators.

CS lives in Austin, Texas.

Represented by Timothy Travaglini.

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