Rich Moyer spent elementary school with rolled-up MAD magazines under his wing, like they were research for his future thesis.In his teens, Rich was inspired by works of Frank Miller, the invention of the graphic novel and modern newspaper comics by the likes of Bill Watterson, Gary Larson and Berkeley Breathed. Later Rich was published in MAD and syndicated nationally. He experienced the tail end of an era with his irreverent comic strip called, “ick”.

Rich spent his career balanced between a dip-pen cartoonist of the past and a Telly award-winning advertising animator of modern times. One job fed his family and the other one fed his soul. With the arrival of his two daughters, Cleo and Juno, Rich’s eyes opened to new types of storytelling; storytelling that still used his knack for the offbeat and irreverent, but that were as sweet as they were silly. Rich could now create graphics novels of humor and adventure while having a heart and sensitivity that his daughters would approve.

Represented by Timothy Travaglini.

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