Samantha has known a love for art, stories, and performance her whole life. Since before she was three, she had a passion for animation, and would have her parents freeze-frame Disney films so she could redraw the images. She grew up drawing and creating art at every opportunity, immersed herself in stories, and trained in ballet and performance, all sources of inspiration she brings to her work.

Her career began as a character animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios, her first decade in the industry as a hand-drawn animator, and then expanding into CG animation, visual development, and character design. She has directed cinematic sequences and commercials at Ubisoft Digital Arts, and is an award winning director/filmmaker. She is also an artistic consultant and trainer, overseeing artists in the VFX, Feature Animation, and Video Game industries.

Samantha graduated from Sheridan College’s world-renowned animation program in Toronto, as well as her BFA from Concordia University in Montreal. She has also attended Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image’s intensive program in Paris, and has studied at prestigious art ateliers in Paris, Florence, Sydney, Toronto, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

Represented by Timothy Travaglini.

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